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Online event platforms have become a key part of delivering live events in 2020.

At Premier Events, we looked at the platforms already available and believed that there was a gap in the market for a functional platform with the ability to be branded and customised for each event but that didn’t cost the same as a deposit on a house to use! 

We are an event management and production company at heart, we built the platform for our clients to use, but the feedback has been so positive that we are now opening it up to be used for events where we are not involved with the production.

P-VENT is packed full of the features that you need for your event but isn’t clogged up with the features that you don’t!

We can customise the platform for each event and are here to support you each step of the way.

P-VENT is powered by Google so you can be confident it’s not going let you down during a live event!

Why Choose

Online Platform Branding copy

Branded for your event

We designed P-VENT so that it could be branded for your event. We do this using logos, colours, images & videos.

Virtual Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms

We deliver breakout rooms from within the P-VENT platform ensuring a smooth delegate experience.

Chat Feature

Live Chat

Users can chat between themselves using our live chat feature. Great for during breaks or pre-event

Delegate Questions

Delegate Questions?

Our Q&A element allows users to ask questions in real time. We can moderate these, as well as make them anonymous.

Virtual Event Platform

Full Screen Content

Communicating your message is key and so users can choose to watch the live event stream full screen.

Live Polls Events

Live Polls

We can schedule live polls throughout the event allowing for realtime feedback on the session and content.

Live Chat Support

Helpline Chat

The integrated chat feature allows users to contact our team on the day of the event incase of any issues.

Virtual Breakout Rooms

Attendee Video Calls

Users can see all delegates attending the event as well as arrange video calls between themselves.

Post Event Analytics

We will provide a post event report allowing you to track user engagement and trends after the event has finished.

Event Feedback

Session Rating

By using polls, we can offer users the ability to rate each session directly after it has taken place.


Reaction Buttons

Users can react instantly to the live content with a number of customisable emoji's and icons. We will share this data, post-event.

Fully Customisable

Don't need / want some of these features? We can simply turn them on / off to suit each event.

We have had so much great feedback from the event and some incredible engagement stats to back it up – our delegates loved the event platform in particular and we are already exploring what other events we can use it for – it’s really that good.
Claire Gibson
Internal Communications Manager

Meet the Team

Ben McCarthy

Ben McCarthy - Managing Director

Jon Minns

Jon Minns - Technical Director

Francesca Horne.2

Francesca Horne - Event Director

Lewis Fuller

Lewis Fuller - Account Manager

Alice Simons

Alice Simons - Account Manager

Chris Francis

Chris Francis - Account Manager


One Day Event

Our pricing is all inclusive as well as being transparent
£ 1,500 + per user
  • 0 - 150 | £3.70
  • 151 - 300 | £3.30
  • 301 - 500 | £2.90
  • 501 - 750 | £2.50
  • 751 - 1000 | £2.00
  • 1001+ | £1.60

Multiple Day Event

Our pricing is all inclusive as well as being transparent
£ 1,000 + per user
  • 0 - 150 | £3.70
  • 151 - 300 | £3.30
  • 301 - 500 | £2.90
  • 501 - 750 | £2.50
  • 751 - 1000 | £2.00
  • 1001+ | £1.60

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